Ryan Kinal
100 E. St. Clair St.
Warren, PA 16365

Google ProfileTwitter: @IndigloMouth

  • A design I came up with on a whim for CSS Zen Garden, though haven't submitted because it breaks in IE6 due to lack of support for position: fixed.
  • The design that R.K. Hite & Co. accepted. Gray box at the top is a placeholder for an image. The site is not on their servers yet.
  • My second design for R.K. Hite & Co.
  • My first (real) design for R.K. Hite & Co. There was one before it, but it's not worth mentioning.
  • The Geneseo Swing Dance Club website. It includes an easy to manage gallery and easy-to-edit plain text files for the content. http://swing.geneseo.edu
  • The website for the Chateau Niagara Winery. Built using Expression Engine, it has all the power of that CMS behind it. http://www.chateauniagarawinery.com
  • Destiny Kinal's website (in progress), http://www.destinykinal.com
  • The Geneseo Area Gaming Group website, http://gagg.geneseo.edu
  • The website for my cousin's business, Hines Tree and Land Care. http://www.hinestreeandlandcare.com
  • The interface for an unreleased version of NinjaWars2. http://www.ninjawars2.com

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