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A screen from NinajWars2, using SquishyUI

A screen from an unreleasted version of
NinjaWars2, using SquishyUI

SquishyUI was originally built for NinjaWars2, with the requirements of being a dynamic user interface, capable of separate windows which can have tabs with different content, and are movable and resizable. It is currently in its second rewrite, after I decided I was unhappy with the cleanliness of the code in the first version. All the elements have classes, which allows the developer to style them however they want with simple CSS.

Required Functions

Sample Use

d = document.createElement("div"); // Add any content you want to this DIV to display it in the window manager = new UIWindowManager(); var id1 = manager.addElement(null, "test", d, 100, 100, 400, 300); function setup(); { document.getElementById("content").appendChild(manager.getDOMNode()); } addEvent(window, "load", setup, false);