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The Application (Part 1?)

I just sent in an application for a full time, salaried position at a company in Rochester. They were looking for a "Rockstar Front End Developer", and specified several times that it is not a design position.

How perfect is that? And how perfect would I be for that position?

Very. Very perfect.

I mean, I enjoy design, but it's far from my most valuable skill. I look at site designs that graphic design specialists come up with, and I'm amazed. I wouldn't think of most of the elements of some of the top-end sites out there.

Where I think I really shine is interaction design. I think I'm really good at figuring out how people want to interact with a page, and making that as simple as possible. And that's what this job is asking for, I think.

A lot of this blog has been focused on freelancing, and figuring that out. And I love the freedom that freelancing provides, but when an opportunity like this one comes along, you jump on it. No question.

Wish me luck.

Ryan Kinal says:
Update: I've been contacted by the recruiter and given a tech assessment. It's been completed, and the solution sent in. There were some technical difficulties regarding the fact that I'm not on my computer, but hopefully that won't factor in.
Ryan Kinal says:
Update 2: Didn't get the job. Don't know why. Frustrated.
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